The Tithe-Block Program for Housing

One out of every ten blocks made in the hand operated machine is set aside for residential use.  When we have enough blocks to build a small 12′ X 20′ house, a family in the village will have materials for walls for a new house.  Others will help them in the construction process.  Secure, safe and sanitary housing is greatly needed and appreciated.  This program will continue even after the school and community center are completed.  The man making the blocks will continue selling blocks as a permanent job, but the tithe-block program will always be a part of the process.

Update: 8-3-09  Ana, the cook at the school, and mother of 5, has lived for years with family members and others in the community.  A house for her will be our first” Homes for Hondurans” project.  However, Ana decided to make her own adobes, using clay from her building site, instead of concrete blocks.  She said she had rather save the blocks for someone else.  You can see pictures of her beginnings in the photo gallery.   We will help her at her house when we go down in Sept.