School, Rancho Quemado

Project:   School Building for the children in remote mountain village of Rancho Quemado

Budget:  $10,000                                                                                                

Received as of 11/15/08:  $2,500

Status:  Esther Suazo has been teaching here for three years, using a 24′ X 40′ adobe church building with a dirt floor.  This school year she had 80 kids come for enrollment, but could only take 45.  Land was donated near the church and Principio has committed to funding the building and helping with construction.  The new school will be 45′ X 55′ and will have a kitchen and dining area and restrooms ( with real flushing toilets ).  See Solar Panel project below for more on this.

Eighty percent of the blocks have been made ( by hand, one at a time ).  Dirt work has begun ( by hand, one wheel barrow at a time ).  Melvin and Jonathan helped with this on the Oct. ’08 trip and two local men were hired to continue the work.

Update: August 3, 2009  The walls are now complete and the metal trusses are in place.  Rafael, the builder, who also is the pastor of the church there, is painting the trusses this week.  I, Melvin, plan to go in September with a group of about 15 men to put the roof on and do more work on the septic system.  Hopefully, the political situation will be improved by then.

Update:  Jan 1, 2010  We now have enough money available to complete the school!  Thanks to all for your prayers and donations and encouragement.  In less than 15 months form the time we began construction there will be a first class building, equipped with needed accessories, for these children to use for education during the week and for children’s church on the weekends.  And it will be debt free!!

Update:  March 1, 2010  Today is the first day of school in the new building!  Desks and chairs are in place, dividers are used to section off each grade and the gas burning stove is in the tiled kitchen where breakfast and lunch will be prepared.  More than thier hearts will be full!  Now it is on to the clinic……..