Elementary Education

An elementary school was the first project Principio had the privilege to work on.  Partnering with Honduran locals, we were able to complete a new school building in the rural village of Rancho Quemado in 2009.  Elementary education is imperative in making a generational difference for these areas.  United Nations statistics for Honduras report that a girl with three years of education will marry five years later and have half as many children as those with no education.  As an adult, her children are only half as likely to be sick at any given time compared to a mom in the same circumstances, but with no education!

That school became a model for us and we have since helped start three other schools in similar locations, using Adobe churches and a home for the facilities.  The land has been donated to Principio by the people of these areas for the construction of school buildings.  We are very glad to report that funding has been secured for the construction of a school in Vallecito, and construction will begin by 15 February 2013!  Trees were donated by a landowner near the site.  These will be sawn into lumber using only a chainsaw.  This project will continue to help in the training of local men in construction skills.  We hope to have pictures as the work progresses.

Principio is partnering with the local government there for the continuing of classes.  At the first school, Principio paid the teacher’s salary for one year, along with supplying books and supplies for the students.  The government is now paying the teachers in all four of our schools and providing some of the books, allowing us to hire assistants in each school.  These schools are each composed of 30-45 students in grades 1-6, creating the need for more than one worker.  Our assistants must have at least a sixth-grade education and live near enough to walk or ride a horse each day in commuting.  The salary for these helpers is $50 per month!  Perhaps some of you will take the challenge to support one of these needed workers!

We have a standing invitation from over 100 rural elementary schools to teach English and Bible.  We have no one to send!  Would you pray with us about this matter?