Clinic in Camalotillo

We believe the gospel has within it a social mandate because God cares about the whole person.  People do not care how much we know until they know how much we care!   Health care is one of the ways we can express the love of God through our actions.  In this remote mountainous area of  Honduras, health care basics are essentially nonexistent.  Personal and domestic sanitary education was started when Principio first visited the area in March ’08.  The response of the people was very encouraging and after a meeting with the town elders, a location for the clinic was discussed.  The property was donated by the town to Principio in March ’09 and we now have working drawings for the facility.  When the school is completed we will begin the foundation work for a multi-purpose building which will include the clinic, rooms to house volunteers and a large room for economic development projects.  The proposed cost is $60,000 which includes equipment and furnishings.  This facility will enhance our efforts to make generational differences.

FEBRUARY 2013–  The walls of the clinic is now up about 4 feet high!  Work will continue as funds are available.  We need about $30,000 to finish construction.   Dr. Martin Williams, our medical advisor in Honduras, says that he can help with equipping the clinic when it is complete.  He has also committed to obtaining medicine and supplies for us.